Have a Motorhome? Here’s Why You Also Need a Storage Unit

Motorcycle storage

Sometimes there’s just not enough places to put things, especially if those things are large, like another vehicle, boat, or motorhome. They may be objects you use infrequently, but often enough that you want regular access to them when you do need them. But where to put them? Have you ever thought about using a motorhome storage unit or year-round car storage for your storage needs? Instead of leaving those big items outside in the elements or trying to stuff them into a garage that fluctuates in temperature, why not pay a little each month and make sure that your expensive items are kept safe, dry, and protected from other kinds of weather damage.
The Popularity of Storage Units
There’s a common problem among American households — we simply have too much stuff! And what do we do with it? Even though 65% of all people who rented a self storage unit had a garage, they also rented a unit. Almost 50% had an attic and a little over 30% had a basement. Even with all that storage, they needed more space! Additionally, the number of units used at self-storage facilities went up 90% from the end of 2013 to the middle of 2015. That says something about the demand!
Well I Don’t Want to Pay Money. Why Can’t I Keep It Out in the Yard?
Storage units aren’t all that expensive — and they’re surely more inexpensive than replacing your motorhome, boat, or other vehicle. For one thing, Mother Nature can sure take a toll on those kinds of items, with rain, wind, sleet, snow, dirt, and other debris that pile up. It can be costly to repair damage done and keep your possessions looking beautiful and new, especially if you store it outside without much protection. Having large items stored in the yard can also tend to look a little junky after awhile. It’s a win-win situation with a storage unit — you keep your prized possessions in a clean, dry, and safe place like a motorhome storage unit and clear up your yard at the same time!
What’s the Best Way to Store My Vehicle In a Motorhome Storage Unit Or Vehicle Storage Unit?
You’ll want your vehicle to go in clean, so you can take it out nice and clean! Make sure it’s up to inspection and that tires have been changed, etc., for the easiest transition. You should also keep the gas tank full if the car is going to be stored for a month or more. A full gas tanks keeps moisture from building up within the fuel tank and moisturizes the seals. You should also get a fuel stabilizer to get rid of ethanol buildup and keep your engine safe from rust and varnish. It will also keep your gas tank full, preventing deterioration for up to a year.
Have your cake and eat it too! Be proud of your beautiful seasonal vehicle, motorhome, or boat, but also keep it safe at the same time! Keeping it out of the elements is the best way to go by far.

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