Are You Considering a Clean Energy Car for Your Next Vehicle Choice?

Lly injector balance rates

The truck required a powerstroke injector replacement part, but when your father gifted his older truck to your 16 year old son the used vehicle was a great solution to having a new driver in the house. In fact, your son took an immediate interest in the maintenance of this vehicle that was new to hime and insisted that he begin to learn about tasks like the powerstroke injector replacement process. Your father was very eager to have a new student in the field of diesel engines and diesel fuel injection systems. So much so that he introduced your son to some of the best mechanics in the area and even helped locate a job working in one of the garages for the new driver.
Within months, your son was not only a better driver and showing more care and concern for his truck than he ever had paid to anything else, but he was also increasingly fond of the long conversations he had with his grandfather. They discussed everything from how to tell if an injector is bad on a Cummins engine to where was the best parts place to order powerstroke injector replacement parts. Your father would later say that giving that pick up to his grandson was one of the best decisions he had ever made. Your dad knew that not only did the truck help meet the need of having a fourth driver in the house, but it also helped the grandfather and grandson forge a permanent bond since they now had a common vocabulary and a common fascination with diesel engines.
Secretly you knew that your father also hoped that perhaps this interest might turn into a career possibility for the new driver. And while your son was already talking about pursuing an engineering degree of some kind, you knew that his early interest in diesel engines might be a springboard to a career that might help explore the possibilities of one of the most popular topics in the country right now: fuel efficiency and the use of clean energy sources.
Energy Awareness Is a Growing Concern Among Many of Today’s Consumers
Did you know that in the year 2014, American consumers purchased 489,612 clean diesel cars? In a time when the nation’s citizens are becoming increasingly concerned about the directions that the current Presidential administration is taking, it should come as no surprise that business owners and consumers alike are leaning toward more environmentally choices, especially when it comes to the cars that they purchase and drive.

  • Desel engine designs were first patented by Rudolf Diesel 125 years ago.
  • 3.2% of sales in the year 2012 were for diesel vehicles, but that number is expected to double by the year 2018.
  • Diesel fuel is 25% to 30% more energy rich than gasoline.
  • Volkswagen accounted for more than 50% of diesel car sales in the U.S. in the year 2014.
  • Cars with diesel engines are 20% to 40% more efficient than their gasoline competitiors.

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