Heavy Duty Towing is Far More Powerful Than You Thought

What do we mean by heavy duty towing? Heavy-duty towing describes the kind of tow trucks equipped with the ability to tow large vehicles (Watch the video below for more insight). These vehicles can include trucks and buses and cars over 40,000 lbs. Heavy-duty towing vehicles can also include tractor-trailers, some of the heaviest vehicles on the road.

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Towing these heavy-duty vehicles requires a lot of power and strength, so heavy-duty tow trucks come equipped with large engines. Most heavy-duty tow trucks use a winch to attach themselves to other vehicles because they can’t just drive and latch onto them like standard tow trucks. Instead, they need a powerful winch that will pull them toward the vehicle that needs assistance. Here are different kinds of winches:

  • Hydraulic winches (which use hydraulic pressure).
  • Electric winches (which use electricity).
  • Pneumatic winches (which use air pressure).
  • Manual winches (which require human power).
  • Heavy duty towing vehicles are undoubtedly some of the strongest on the roads. Each type has advantages and disadvantages, so a heavy duty tow truck driver must know when to employ which. If you want more of this information, don’t hesitate to call home!


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