An overview of the general tasks performed by asphalt maintenance services

Asphalt maintenance services are critical for extending the life of your pavement. Routine maintenance slows pavement deterioration by protecting it from natural elements such as the sun, air, and water.

If you’re looking to give your parking lot, roadway, or athletic court a new look and save money, consider regular seal coat applications and minor crack fillings repairs instead of replacing or repairing damaged asphalt.


Sealing asphalt improves the appearance of the pavement, extends its service life, and reduces maintenance costs by slowing the effects of oxidation and water penetration. They should be applied every 3-7 years, depending on the type of seal coat.

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Crack Filling

Cracks form as the asphalt ages as a result of rapid temperature changes or heavy traffic loads. A rubber crack sealer is used because it offers maximum adhesion. The sealing process protects the pavement by keeping water out of the aggregate base layer. Cracks in asphalt pavements should be sealed every 2-3 years.

Line Striping and Painting

The fourth and final stage of the asphalt maintenance cycle is line striping. It refers to the process of re-painting the lines that direct traffic on where to drive and park. If you’ve just sprayed a layer of asphalt sealer over your existing lines, you should line stripe right away. Otherwise, the lot will appear unfinished and cause more confusion to drivers who’ll not know where to go. Hire asphalt maintenance services and boost your curb appeal significantly.


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